giovedì 8 marzo 2012

Video Jukebox

SebastiAn - Love in Motion
Directed by Gaspar Noé.

Grimes - Oblivion
Directed by Emily Kai Bock.

Chromatics - Candy
Directed by Alberto Rossini.

Bowerbirds - Tuck the Darkness In
Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada.

giovedì 1 marzo 2012

Video Jukebox

Filastine - Colony Collapse
Directed by Astu Prasidya (aka Tooliq).

Lo-Fi-Fnk - Kissing Taste
Directed by Magnus Härdner.

Girls - My Ma
Directed by Aaron Brown.

Beirut - Vagabond
Directed by Sunset Television.

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Video Jukebox

MYTHS - Prism Portraits
Directed by MYTHS.

Korallreven - Sa Sa Samoa
Directed by Filip Nilsson.

Kool Music 5 - Running Back to Everyone
Directed by Emily Kai Bock.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Strangers Are Strange
Directed by Sam Kristofski.

giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

Video Jukebox

Coasting - Same Old Same Old
Directed by Alice Cohen.

UNKLE – Another Night Out
Directed by Toby Dye.

Black Bananas - TV Trouble
Directed by Danny Perez.

Will Young - Losing Myself
Directed by Henry Scholfield.

giovedì 9 febbraio 2012

Video Jukebox

Ladyhawke - Black White & Blue
Directed by Tabitha Denholm.

St. Vincent - Cheerleader
Directed by Hiro Murai.

OK Go - Needing/Getting
Directed by Brian L. Perkins & Damian Kulash, Jr.

Neon Indian - Fallout
Directed by Lilfuchs.